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If you are interested in buying an image or images, please email me here with the following information:

What is the title of the image you are interested in buying?

In what format and size would you like your image(s)?

If you are interested in a digital image, would you like to buy it outright, or would you prefer to buy a one-time use?

If you are interested in a print photograph, what size and what finish do you prefer?

Another way to buy my photos is through my Redbubble pages. Here, you can buy framed prints, posters, canvas prints, greeting cards, or calenders.

Please be aware that not all images are for sale. Not all photographs are suitable for larger printings.

I am always pleased to discuss working with you, your family, friends, school, organization, or company. Please email me here.

P.O. Box 38, Belchertown MA 01007-0032 anne at